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Victorian Woven Bypass Bangle

Victorian Woven Bypass Bangle

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A handmade wonder of the Etruscan Revival style, this bracelet appears to be wound tightly, but is extremely flexible to fit nearly any wrist. The bangle itself is constructed of fine, hand-woven gold wires in such a way that it’s incredibly strong and dent-resistant while maintaining full flexibility. Each end is capped with a hollow, geodesic gold bead covered outwardly in granulation and cloverleaf cannetille. 

One end bead is dented on its plain side, as shown, but isn’t noticeable when worn. Otherwise excellent condition.

22cm total length. Beads are 9x10mm, bangle is 4mm in diameter

Woven band is 18k, one bead is 16k, the other bead is 14k

9.7 grams

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