Ex Libris is borne of a sentimental fascination with the stories that each piece of jewelry carries. When cared for, these adornments are among the most enduring physical legacies we can leave. Jewelry at archeological digs has given us insight into ancient civilizations; period jewels have taught us the customs, values, and beliefs of eras past.
Equally important, though, are the stories they tell of their wearers. These pieces tend to be bought or given for our most important events: a birthday, a graduation, a wedding, a promotion, an incredibly memorable "just because," or to honor the memory of a loved one.
Each of the pieces in our personal collections is a physical marker in the history book timeline of our lives, and when we're gone, they can take all of our precious history into the timelines of future generations.

Lena Henry is a wife and mother based in Portland, Oregon, forever being moved to tears by pretty things.