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Amethyst and Pearl Heart Pendant

Amethyst and Pearl Heart Pendant

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A fairly large, beautifully dimensional heart-shaped natural amethyst is held in a simple border of gold. It dangles below a set of three leaves, each set with a split pearl. The amethyst has an inclusion that may look like a crack from some angles, but is simply a “fingerprint” inclusion, the shape of which may indicate that the stone was mined in the Ural mountains of Russia. Unfortunately the original bail is gone, which would have borne any hallmarks, but it lines up nicely with the styles of the Edwardian era. 

Excellent condition

Total hanging length of pendant is 38mm. The amethyst is 13.5 by 15mm, and is 7mm deep. One pearl is 4mm, the other two are each 3mm. The bail opening is 5mm.


3.3 grams

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