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Griffin Byzantine Chain

Griffin Byzantine Chain

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A necklace fit for a sorcerer. A squared Byzantine chain that moves like liquid holds two stations of hollow, linked gold beads. One station’s beads appear to be two lily buds, while the other station has a lily bud and a griffin’s head. The lily buds have flowing, undulating detail consistent with the art nouveau era, while the griffin’s head has pronounced eyes and intricate, individual feathers. The time period of this chain is a mystery, as it appears to meld styles of multiple eras. The chain and beads are a slightly warm white gold, with a new, yellow gold lobster clasp. 

Excellent condition

15.5 inches, 2.5 mm chain width

Chain is 10k, lily buds are 14k, griffin is 16k, and clasp is 14k

16.1 grams


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